Sat March 30, 2019   9:30am-330pm

Cost $70 per person (includes buffet lunch)


In-laws are sometimes reluctant relatives who have traditions and family dynamics which resist change. This workshop can give you insights on how to apply the laws of attraction so that in-laws may learn to admire you and help reduce tension. Ancient principles and values have their wisdom which we sometimes lose sight of.


This workshop will not teach you how to fix your in-laws: It may teach you how to adjust  yourself.

Vince Dumond is a very popular marriage preparation facilitator for Catholic Family Services Toronto at the Pastoral Centre for the Archdiocese of Toronto. He is a retired teacher and school principal and brings high energy and insight to his workshops.  With Vince’s background in psychotherapy, justice and administration, he brings wisdom and acumen to his workshops, presentations and seminars. Vince’s presentations are participant-friendly and engaging.