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Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre is pleased to offer a variety of retreats, days of prayer and renewal, and workshops throughout the year. Click on the links below for program information and registration instructions.

Retreats and Workshops

Ongoing Activities

Come Away Day

Call 905 356 4113 for details and dates



Mondays at 10am, Wednesdays at 10am. Fridays at 10am

Hosted by: Fr. Thomas Hakala O. Carm.


Meditation will be held in the Niagara room on the 4th floor.

Cost: Free will offering

You are invited to come and experience meditation as a way of bringing peace, harmony and joy to your life. Meditation is a way to assist you live a mindful life, to enhance your day-to-day awareness by living in the present moment.


​Being is the capacity of our being: and now, in this moment, we recognize, acknowledge , and submit ourselves. We remind ourselves of this each time we live in the moment. This particular moment this is now making us joyous becomes the continuing moment of every day of every year.

“ New to silent meditation?  If you want, plan to arrive 10 minutes before starting time, to receive some simple instruction on the process. It’s really as simple as ‘just sitting there!’ in God’s Presence and listening. “


Monday thru Friday

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated on weekdays at 11:15 AM in the Canadian National Shrine of St. Therese the Little Flower.


All are Welcome!


Monthly Sessions

Spiritual direction sessions are available on a monthly basis. Please call Centre at 905-356-4113 for information.



see dates at READ MORE button

A group of separated and divorced Catholics meet every other Monday for prayer, input and sharing. Call the Catholic Centre  905-684-0154 for information. Please note that you do not have to be Catholic to attend. Everyone is welcome!


Emotions Anonymous

Now led virtually. Please contact for details


An Ancient Path for Today’s Pilgrim


Lay Carmelites are Roman Catholic men and women who seek to embrace God’s Will in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life.


We are part of an 800-year-old tradition of contemplative prayer, community and ministry.


For more information contact:

Trudy at 905-732-0670

One Day Workshops 

Finding God in the Every Day

Date: Sat Sept 7 (930am-330pm)

Led by: Anna Racine

Cost: $70 (includes lunch)

Do you feel like you can't find God? What if he is waiting for you right where you are? The most amazing thing happens when we decide to search for God in the everyday. We find Him in the most unexpected places. God is always there, waiting for us to seek Him.


In this Workshop learn how to search for God in the little things, the small moments, the everyday. Be amazed what you will find when you commit to search for God in your everyday life.

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To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Faith Matters Evening Reflection Series



Life is a magnificent faith journey that yields life blessings of endurance,  confidence and peace.  

This new series presents powerful lessons on how you can make your journey matter.

The evening begins with a presentation followed by discussion   and ends with a prayer service.




Date:  Tues Sept 17 6:30pm-8pm


God is eternal—all powerful, present everywhere and all-knowing.  God has revealed Himself by speaking through prophets and the writers of Scripture. 

Learn lessons from the faith journey of the blind man, who Jesus healed in John 9.


To REGISTER Call 905 356 4113 or email



Date:  Tues Oct 1 6:30pm-8pm


God revealed Himself through His beloved Son Jesus, who perfectly reflects His grace. 

Is there anything remarkable about your life where you see God’s grace come to life? Have things happened to you that you know only happened through the grace of God?


To REGISTER Call 905 356 4113 or email


Date: Tues Nov 19 6:30pm-8pm

Cost: $35

God freely offers us salvation if we believe in His Son and follow Him. God is the Creator and Sustainer of all life, and we are created in His image. 

Saving can be a good thing. But can you really save for your salvation?  Can you have a ‘Salvation Bank Account?’ The story of Simon the Pharisee offers serious food for thought.



To REGISTER Call 905 356 4113 or email


Date: Tues Dec 3 6:30om-8pm

Cost $35

We worship God for His abundant mercy and await the promised day when we shall be with Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, forever in God’s kingdom on earth.

Do trees need wind to thrive? What lessons can we learn from the glory of nature about how life’s trials produce a strong faith.

“See the Glory”

To REGISTER Call 905 356 4113 or email

Anger Iceberg

Date: Sat Oct 19 (930am-330pm)

Led by: Anna Racine

Cost: $70 (includes lunch)

Getting Angry is only the tip of the Iceberg. Anger is a secondary emotion. Understanding the cause of anger is the first step to managing it.


This Workshop will identify the causes of anger and explore our own beliefs and patterns of response. Learn how to respond to anger on a day-to-day basis in a healthy, constructive, and creative ways.

Click here for presenter bio

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

The Soul and Death and You

Date: Sat Nov 16 (9:30am-3:30pm)

Cost; $70 Includes lunch

Led by: Jane Smith-Eivemark


How do you feel about dying?  What do you think about when you imagine your death or the death of a loved one? What is your response to death when you read about war torn areas in the world? What meaning do you give to life in light of death?


Do you keep death on the horizon of your mind to live your life on a daily basis?  


Using Jung's article from the Collected Works Volume 8, The Soul and Death, as a focus for consideration as a basis for conversation throughout the day, this workshop will invite participants to discuss, not only Jung's work on these questions, but to engage difficult questions surrounding death from an individual perspective. 

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To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Learning to Grieve – One Day at a Time

Date: Sat Nov 23 (930am-330pm)

Led by: Anna Racine

Cost: $70 (includes lunch)

There’s an elephant in the room, and its name is grief. We don’t know how to grieve, and we don’t understand it. Grief is not a race or an event.  Grief is a process and is a natural response to loss.  Grief happens one step at a time, one day at a time.

This Workshop is open to anyone who has experienced loss or change in their lives. Using various methods, we will uncover the mysteries of grief and learn ways to cope. Discover how to take care of yourself as you grieve one day at a time. An opportunity to share your grief story in a safe and supportive environment where you will be provided with tools to move forward through the grief process.

“Learning how to grieve in your own way and on your own terms is the first step to healing.”

Click here for presenter bio

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Date :Sat Dec 7 (930am-330pm )

Led by: Anna Racine

Cost: $70 (includes lunch)

Forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful and yet forgotten tool we have for healing ourselves. To forgive another heals oneself, just as anger toward another hurts oneself. Anger and resentment destroy our lives - compassion and forgiveness bring us peace.

In order to heal the body, often times what is most vital is to heal the broken heart or spirit.


Forgiveness is a complex process that can liberate us or we can allow the pain of unforgiveness to chain us with bitterness and regret.  Forgiveness is a choice that requires courage.  At this Workshop discover the tools to start your healing journey.

“Harness the Healing Power of Forgiveness”

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To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Advent – The Season of Hope


Led by: Anna Racine

Cost; $70 (includes lunch)

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To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Overnight Retreats
(Prices include accommodation and meals)


Stop and Smell the Roses

Treasure Today Retreat


Date: July 26- 28

Led by: Anna Racine

Cost: $350


Spending time in the past or in the future is something we all struggle with. When we do this too often, we rob ourselves of living in the here and now. This weekend is an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and to slow down.


Being present means not only appreciating the moment you are living in, but actually living in that moment!


Rest, relax and refresh and learn how to truly experience the gift of being present. Find tools on how to enjoy life more fully and not dwell on the past or live in the future. Explore becoming aware and awake of the beauty of each new day.

Optional – Labyrinth walks, guided meditation and prayer spaces.


To register call 905 356 4113 or email


AUGUST SUMMER STILLNESS- a retreat for women

Date: Sunday Aug 11- Thursday Aug 15 

Cost: $620

Led by: Kathryn McMorrow

 Relax, renew and reenergize in the tranquil and welcoming environment of Mount Carmel. The August theme is: RECOGNIZING, LIBERATING AND HONOURING OUR PERSONAL POWER. Themes will include: where it may have been distorted through people pleasing and lack of boundaries; the importance of our spiritual practices in maintaining our connection with the Source of our personal power; and how to use it effectively in decision-making, relationships and in the service of our unique gifts.

 THIS IS NOT A SILENT RETREAT. Input sessions will be balanced with meditative activities and periods of silence for prayer and reflection, lectio divina and walking the labyrinth. Meals can be taken in silence or in conversation. If you wish, bring materials for artwork, some spiritual reading, a journal and some comfortable walking shoes.


 For more information email questions to Kathryn at REGISTRATION IS THROUGH MOUNT CARMEL

Click here for presenter  Bio

To register call 905 356 4113 or email




Led By: Anna Racine

Date: Aug 16-18

Cost: $350


You were made for friendship with Jesus. Jesus does not just want us to know about Him; he wants us to experience his friendship.


A true friend is loving and faithful, shares his life with you, and gives things up for you. Jesus offers us friendship with Him that is all this and more.


But do you view Jesus as your friend? What does it mean for Him to be your truest friend, and how do you understand that friendship?


Spend the weekend with Jesus and discover how to make Jesus your best friend, and how to cultivate this friendship in your everyday life.

Jesus chose us as friends, He died for us as friends, He caused us to trust him as our friend, and he will remain our friend for the endless ages to come.

“What a friend we have  in Jesus— moment by moment, now and forever” — Amen.


TO REGISTER CALL 905 356 4113 or email

If you are Happy and You Know It

Led by: Anna Racine 

Date: Sept 20-22

Cost: $350

True happiness is an internal job. It's a conscious choice to focus on the positive and free ourselves from negative thinking. Follow your heart to a weekend at Mount Carmel and take yourself on a life journey to nourish, embrace and celebrate all that you are.  Learn how to strengthen your foundation of happiness, and how it can help to build a lifetime of laughter and joy.

When we search for the path to happiness we find that gratitude and happiness are closely linked. Discover how the simple practice of gratitude allows us to reclaim our inner happiness so we can be our best self.

​“Be grateful for the big things, the little things, and everything in between, and happiness will follow.”

Click here for presenter bio

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Directed and Private


Call the Centre Office for availability

Call for rates and availability

A directed retreat for can be an inspirational experience. There is daily opportunity to meet with a spiritual companion who listens as you share your prayer experience. Sometimes we need time away from our busy schedules to relax, pray and reflect. A directed retreat can be arranged for three to seven days.

For those who seek time alone without a spiritual companion, a private retreat may help nurture your inner self.  A private retreat can last from one to five days. 


Accommodation and meals are provided.

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