Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre is pleased to offer a variety of retreats, days of prayer and renewal, and workshops throughout the year. Click on the links below for program information and registration instructions.

Retreats and Workshops

Days of Recollection and Prayer

One Day Workshops 

Overnight Retreats


March 21, June 30 (Saturday– 2:00PM -3:30PM)

A Meditative Prayer with silence and songs of Taizé Free Will Offering.
For detailed information contact Eunji Kim at or call St. Helen’s Parish, Beamsville ON.

Through the Looking Glass

by group appointment

Cost: free will offering


Learn the basics about Carmelite Spirituality through the stained glass windows of the Main Chapel.  This program will be a walking tour of the stained glass images of Our Lady and Elijah, the two main archetypes of Carmelite Spirituality.  Time for meditation in the chapel will follow the presentation.  The morning ends with mass .  (Groups can schedule this as a chapel tour during the week)

Lectio Divina Group

by group appointment- please call 905 356 4113

Looking for a deeper experience of listening to God’s word?  Try our new Lectio Divina Group.  Lectio Divina, or “Sacred Reading,” is a group form of praying with the scriptures.  All one needs is a prayerful desire to know God through God’s word as it speaks to the group.  The structured process of Lectio Divina helps the group to enter deeply into God’s word with the hopes of finding applications for its meaning to life in the 21st century.  The group will pray with the gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday

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Ongoing Activities


Wednesdays at 10am and Fridays at 6pm beginning Ash Wed 2020

Hosted by: Fr. Thomas Hakala O. Carm.

Meditation will be held in the Niagara room on the 4th floor.

Cost: Free will offering

You are invited to come and experience meditation as a way of bringing peace, harmony and joy to your life. Meditation is a way to assist you live a mindful life, to enhance your day-to-day awareness by living in the present moment.

Being is the capacity of our being: and now, in this moment, we recognize, acknowledge , and submit ourselves. We remind ourselves of this each time we live in the moment. This particular moment this is now making us joyous becomes the continuing moment of every day of every year.


Monday thru Friday

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated on weekdays at 11:15 AM in the Canadian National Shrine of St. Therese the Little Flower. All are Welcome!


Monthly Sessions

Spirtual direction sessions are available on a monthly basis. Please call Centre at 905-356-4113 for information.


by group appointment- please call 905 356 4113

Cost: Free Will Offering

Led by: Fr. Chris Kulig O. Carm.


DREAM GROUP :Ever wonder what to make of your dreams?  Attend the bi-monthly Mount Carmel Dream Group to discover how God may be guiding you through your dreams. 


Through a structured sharing process, the group will examine dreams brought by its members.  Come with an open mind and a dream or two!  


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A group of separated and divorced Catholics meet every other Monday for prayer, input and sharing. Call the Centre at 905-356-4113 for information. Please note that you do not have to be Catholic to attend. Everyone is welcome!


Sessions by Appointment

Supervision is available for trained spiritual directors and for spiritual directors currently in a training program. Please call Centre at 905-356-4113 for information and session fees.



Tuesday Evenings at 7pm

A twelve-step organization composed of people who come together in weekly meetings for the purpose of working toward recovery from emotional difficulties.


An EA group meets every Tuesday evening at 7 PM. Call the Centre at 905-356-4113 for information.



Labyrinth Walk

by group appointment

Cost: free will offering

Come and experience the Mount Carmel Labyrinth as a different way to pray!  The Labyrinth as an ancient archetypal form and method of prayer has experienced a resurgence in spiritual circles in the past few decades.  An introductory orientation to the Labyrinth will begin at 9 a.m. with a group walk of the Labyrinth at 10 a.m. (Those who have had the introduction before can join the walk at 10).  Participants are free to stay for mass at 11:15. 



Sunday March 22, 2020

Join us for an afternoon of fun, trivia, food and prizes


Sunday Jan. 12, Sunday Feb 23 at 11:15am

The Friends of Carmel are a group of supporters and benefactors who assist in the promotion and raising of funds for Mount Carmel.


If you'd like information on joining us, please call the Centre 905 356 4113 x4200


All are welcome!

All Sunday events will be as follows:


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Training Programs


Sat Feb. 8 9:30 Registration and Coffee 10:00 - 4:00. Workshop

Led by: Kathryn McMorrow

Cost: $65 (includes buffet lunch)

An exploration of the nature and dynamics of change and the often difficult period of transition between what we have left or has been taken from us and where we are headed as a result.  This includes the effects on our health, spiritual well-being, relationships and sense of self as we move forward with our lives. Of interest to anyone who has experienced major changes that they are still working through or who is anticipating or planning a significant  change in their life.



February 14 Friday, 6pm dinner followed by Mass and program

Led by Fr. Chris Kulig, O. Carm. Cost: $55 per person

Eucharist followed by Dinner at 5:30 pm. Renew your relationships and friendships in the presence of the Lord. Not just for couples, but for all friends, families and loved ones. Please register by February 7th

A Day with Teresa of Los Andes

Sat. Feb 15 930am-3:30pm

Led by: Fr. Chris Kulig O. Carm.

Cost: $65 (includes buffet lunch)

Teresa of Los Andes kept a spiritual journal, which remains her primary writing giving us a glimpse into the soul of this saint.  Come and explore the profound spirituality of this young saint.


February 26 (Wednesday, 9:00 am – 1 pm)

Led by Ministerial Team Cost: $30 (includes lunch buffet)
Come spend a quiet day of reflection and prayer with mass celebrating Lent and distribution of ashes at 11:15 am and lunch at noon.

Let Go of Worries and Find Your Peace

Sat. Mar. 7, 2020 9:30am- 3:30pm

Cost: $65 (includes buffet lunch)

Stress has always been a part of the human condition. In fact, scientists have shown how we are biologically hardwired to worry. Today, in our busy and fast-paced world, this is more of an issue than ever. Fortunately, great thinkers of the past have provided us with time-tested ways to minimize worry and maximize peace and joy. We will be looking at how some of these ancient principles can help us to find our peace today. Through discussions and activities we will give practical tools so that you can begin changing your life right away.

Presented by:

Igor Ratkovic is a full-time Entrepreneur and award-winning YouTuber with over half a million subscribers. He completed Teachers College in 2017 and a Master of Arts in English in 2018 at Brock University. 

Ryan Racine is a public school teacher and college instructor. He received his Masters of Arts in English in 2017 and has published in magazines such as PACE, The Ekphrastic Review, and University Affairs.

The Science and Spirituality of the Heart

Sat. March 2

10  am to 2:30 pm

Presenters:  Anita Mascarenhas and Sr. Teresa Mielech

Price $_65___ (includes buffet lunch)

New scientific discoveries about the heart are validating what the Scriptures have always taught us.  Join us for a one-day seminar to learn about these exciting new discoveries and how they can change us and the world around us. 


A Day with Teresa of Los Andes

Sat March 14 9:30am-3:30pm

Led by: Fr. Chris Kulig O. Carm.

Cost $65 (includes buffet lunch)


 Several of the entries of the Spiritual Diary of Teresa of Los Andes are deeply profound spiritual treatises in and of themselves.  In this workshop, we will pour over these deep passages of her diary with great attention to the spiritual truths she teaches through them.


Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 9:30 am.-3:30 pm

Led by: Anna Racine

​Cost: $65 – includes buffet lunch

  • Have you experienced deep disappointment, hurt or betrayal in an important relationship?

  • Do you continue to suffer from a conflict or trauma that occurred long ago?

  • Are unresolved issues affecting your health, finances or relationships?

  • This interactive workshop identifies the stumbling blocks to forgiveness, and then provides positive, practical methods to work through the anger, blame and resentment.

    Forgiveness is about letting go of the past, understanding and moving on. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

    Seder Meal

    April 8 (Wednesday, 5:30PM to approx. 9:30PM)

    Led by: Fr. Craig Morrison O. Carm.


    Cost:$55 per person

    Fr. Craig Morrison, a Carmelite priest, is a biblical scholar, writer, and lecturer working at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. He returns again to lead us in .......................


    ​Reservations are required by April 1. Due to high demand please register early.

    Payment must be made by April 1 to hold reservation

    A Day with Titus Brandsma

    Sat April 18 9:30am- 3:30 pm

    Led by: Fr. Chris Kulig O. Carm.

    Cost: $65 (includes buffet lunch)

    Titus Brandsma was martyred during the Holocaust for his opposition to the Nazis in the realms of Catholic journalism and education.  His cause for canonization is currently in process and he may very well be named a saint by the time of this program.  Titus also lived here in the Monastery for a few weeks in 1935 while giving lectures in North America.  This program will immerse you in the life story and mindset of this heroic Carmelite priest.


    Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 9:30 am.-3:30 pm

    Led by: Anna Racine

    Cost: $65 – includes buffet lunch

    Are your caregiving duties leading to emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion? Caregiver burnout is a common occurrence when experiencing the overwhelming task of caring for another. While caring for an adult or child can be very rewarding, it also involves many challenges.

    Explore how to identify and manage caregiver stress, learn tips for managing and preventing burnout, and interact with other caregivers in quiet and peaceful surroundings for personal reflection and relaxation.

    The Many Faces of Mary

    Sat. May 30 (:30am-3:30 pm)

    Led by: Fr. Kulig O. Carm.

    Cost: $65 (includes buffet lunch)

    Mary features prominently in Catholic piety and theological history, but she is also prominent in art.  Come see the many ways that Mary is depicted in the parishes of the Diocese of St. Catharines.


    Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 9:30 am.-3:30 pm

    Led by: Anna Racine

    Cost: $65 – includes buffet lunch

    Put more joy and meaning into your life

    For anyone going through or anticipating a major life change. We will discover the components of self esteem and self image and find the strength and tools to navigate change. Explore the grieving which may accompany change and the areas that may require healing i