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Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre is pleased to offer a variety of retreats, days of prayer and renewal, and workshops throughout the year. Click on the links below for program information and registration instructions.

Retreats and Workshops

Ongoing Activities


Mondays at 10am, Wednesdays at 10am. Fridays at 10am

Hosted by: Fr. Thomas Hakala O. Carm.


Meditation will be held in the Niagara room on the 4th floor.

Cost: Free will offering

You are invited to come and experience meditation as a way of bringing peace, harmony and joy to your life. Meditation is a way to assist you live a mindful life, to enhance your day-to-day awareness by living in the present moment.


​Being is the capacity of our being: and now, in this moment, we recognize, acknowledge , and submit ourselves. We remind ourselves of this each time we live in the moment. This particular moment this is now making us joyous becomes the continuing moment of every day of every year.

“ New to silent meditation?  If you want, plan to arrive 10 minutes before starting time, to receive some simple instruction on the process. It’s really as simple as ‘just sitting there!’ in God’s Presence and listening. “


Monday thru Friday

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated on weekdays at 11:15 AM in the Canadian National Shrine of St. Therese the Little Flower.


All are Welcome!


Monthly Sessions

Spiritual direction sessions are available on a monthly basis. Please call Centre at 905-356-4113 for information.



see dates at READ MORE button

A group of separated and divorced Catholics meet every other Monday for prayer, input and sharing. Call the Catholic Centre  905-6840154 for information. Please note that you do not have to be Catholic to attend. Everyone is welcome!


EMOTIONS ANONYMOUS--In person and hybrid-Zoom-


call for more info

A twelve-step organization composed of people who come together in weekly meetings for the purpose of working toward recovery from emotional difficulties.


An EA group meets every Tuesday at 7pm (hybrid - zoom and in person)


Call the Centre at 905-356-4113  ext. 4225 (Chris K.) or email   for information.

Labyrinth Walk

by group appointment

Cost: free will offering

Come and experience the Mount Carmel Labyrinth as a different way to pray!  The Labyrinth as an ancient archetypal form and method of prayer has experienced a resurgence in spiritual circles in the past few decades.  An introductory orientation to the Labyrinth will begin at 9 a.m. with a group walk of the Labyrinth at 10 a.m. (Those who have had the introduction before can join the walk at 10).  Participants are free to stay for mass at 11:15 (M-F)


An Ancient Path for Today’s Pilgrim


Lay Carmelites are Roman Catholic men and women who seek to embrace God’s Will in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life.


We are part of an 800-year-old tradition of contemplative prayer, community and ministry.


For more information contact:

Trudy at 905-732-0670

One Day Workshops 




6:30 pm– 8:30pm 

Faith must not only be practiced but it must be lived. A living faith requires an effort not only to be alive but stay alive. It grows and is active in good times and in bad. Living faith is the kind of faith God wants us to have.

The evening begins with a presentation followed by discussion and ends with a prayer service. Join us as we discuss the importance of how faith affects the way we live every day. 

Presenter Bio Here


You Satisfy the Hungry Heart


Led by Anna Racine 

Date: Tues Feb 27th   630pm-830pm 



Our hearts can become overwhelmed by the burdens and busyness of everyday life. Christ, the Bread of Life, desires to feed and soothe our hungry hearts, and only He can do it. Make God the source of satisfying our spiritual and emotional hunger as we find rest in Him.

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Come and Follow Me

Led by: Anna Racine

Date: Tues Mar 19

Cost $35

God wants us to have the attitude of a child in following Him with a learning heart, open mind, and a pure spirit. This isn't just a summons to a new belief or a new way of living. It's a call to be with Jesus, to hang out with him, to learn from him, and to share our life with Him.

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Accepting God’s Invitation


Led by: Anna Racine 

Date: Thurs April 18 6:30pm-8:30pm



There is something very powerful about an invitation. The most perfect invitation is the one we receive from God every day. God desires our presence and seeks us out every day.  The question becomes are we ready to accept His invitation?

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant 

Date: Tues May 28th 6:30pm-830pm

Led by: Anna Racine

Cost:$ 35   


God calls us to be faithful to Him in all our responsibilities. Whether they are great or small, is not what really matters. Just be faithful in the places God has put you in and one day you will hear…well done.

To register call 905 356 4113 or email


Date Sat Mar 9  (9:30am-3:30pm)

Cost: $70 (includes lunch)

Led by: Anna Racine


We live in a fast-paced society with a seemingly endless list of demands. Life naturally brings its share of challenges and stress. The key is to move forward so that stress doesn't impact other areas of your life. 


Stress affects us all, but why exactly do we feel it and what causes it? This Workshop will empower you to take an honest look at what lies beneath your stressors, and provide the tools to deal with them. Learn the difference between good and bad stress.


Stress is inevitable, but letting it control your life is optional. Learn how to deal with stress so you can say hello to life again!

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Click here for bio

Hope Rising ~ Spring Day Retreat

Date: Sat, April 27th  9:30-3:30

Cost: $70

Led by: Beth Woelk


A day to reflect upon the images and invitations of Spring. This season of renewal invites us to consider where we are longing for hope and transformation in our lives. Under the soil, seeds are cracking open and green shoots are sprouting forth. Birdsong, blossoms, and new birth beckon us to shake off the sleep of winter and awaken to our own creativity and aliveness.


This retreat will include group times, time for individual reflection, a guided contemplative walk on the beautiful Monastery property, and a delicious lunch! A lovely opportunity to pause and reconnect with oneself, kindred souls, God’s Spirit, and the Earth's rhythms. A gift that will allow us to re-engage our lives in refreshed and replenished ways.


Find out more about Beth at

Click here for presenter bio

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Overnight Retreats

Letting Go –

- A Forgiveness Lenten Retreat


Led by: Anna Racine

Date: March 15-17

Cost: $350


Lent is a season of preparation for Easter and the celebration of new life. It is a season for self-denial and repentance. But what if we were to see Lent as a time of letting go instead of giving up? Lent is a time to let go of all that inhibits our ability to live the lives that God is calling us to. Letting go is about the process of forgiveness. To forgive is to free yourself from the pain of the past and to open yourself up to the joy and love available in the present moment.

Forgiveness is the gift we give to ourselves and to others because we first received it from God. Understanding forgiveness is the key to being able to forgive. Learn how to identify the stages of forgiveness on the journey to letting go. Explore how to release negative emotions of hurt, anger, blame and hatred so you can live more fully alive. You will be guided with tools that will enable you to let go and move forward with the healing process.

This Retreat will provide a caring and nurturing environment to work through the forgiveness process as you continue your Lenten journey towards the joy of Easter.



To register call 905 356 4113 x4200  or email


Click here for presenter bio


Holy Week / Sacred Triduum

Date: Mar 27 -31 (Wednesday check-in before 5:00PM to Sunday Brunch)

Cost: $640

Led by: Ministerial Team

**​Please call the Centre Office to register before March 13.


We are pleased to again celebrate, at Mount Carmel, the central mystery of our faith–the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The retreat consists of presentations, prayer, and the rich Triduum liturgies beginning with a Seder Meal on Wednesday evening.

This retreat is flexible to allow participants to join or leave as needed due to personal schedules. Guests are welcome to spend private days before and after the retreat.

To register call  905 356 4113 or email

Seder Meal

Date: Wed March 27

Cost: $60 per person

Led by: Fr. Chris Kulig

The Seder meal, the last meal that Jesus had before his death, is foundational for the Christian understanding of Christ’s identity and the Eucharist. As we celebrate the Seder meal this evening, we will learn about the rich Jewish traditions so that you may more fully experience the depth and fullness of the Eucharist and Catholic Mass.

To register call  905 356 4113 or email


Sunday, March 31, 9:00 AM Mass followed by brunch

Easter Brunch Cost: $30 per person (Reservations Required before March 22)


Enjoy the Easter Sunday Mass of the Lord’s Resurrection in the historic Shrine of St. Therese followed with our traditional Easter Brunch in the Monastery dining room.

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

SOUL CARE Retreat and evening concert

Led by: Cathy AJ Hardy with Beth Woelk

Date:  May 31- June 2

Cost: $550 (deposit required by April 12 to reserve)

This Soul Care Retreat will be a weekend of Pause for the soul through prayer meditations, poetry, and music.  This retreat will provide spaciousness to receive restoration for the heart.  Soul Care Retreats are created for people to come back home to themselves and to God.  

Formerly for women only, this retreat is now open for all.  

Soul Care® Retreats are created to give opportunity for people to come back home to themselves & to God.


Rooted in Contemplative traditions (including Carmelite & Ignatian spirituality, Celtic Christianity, & Jungian psychology). This retreat wields together times of stillness, journaling meditations, experiencing nature, art, poetry, song and much more.

The retreat will take place beginning on Friday, May 31st (arrival anytime after 2pm). Our first session begins at 7pm. The retreat will continue through until Sunday at 1:30pm. 

A beautiful concert will be included in the retreat on Saturday evening, featuring Cathy AJ Hardy & Band. 

The Saturday evening concert will also be open to the public and tickets will be available at the door or through Eventbrite with the link below.

Doors of the chapel will open for the concert at 7:00 pm.

Facilitated by Cathy AJ Hardy with Beth Woelk

To register call 905 356 4113 or email

Presenter Bios;


Directed and Private Retreats

Call the Centre Office for availability

Call for rates and availability

A directed retreat for can be an inspirational experience. There is daily opportunity to meet with a spiritual companion who listens as you share your prayer experience. Sometimes we need time away from our busy schedules to relax, pray and reflect. A directed retreat can be arranged for three to seven days.

For those who seek time alone without a spiritual companion, a private retreat may help nurture your inner self.  A private retreat can last from one to five days. 


Accommodation and meals are provided.

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