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Days of Recollection and Prayer

The programs listed below are available to groups by reservation and are offered by Fr. Chris Kulig O. Carm.


Minimum Number: 15

Time:  By Appointment (Contact Reservations office at 905-356-4113  x4200 for availability)

Does your community want to have a spiritual pilgrimage? Consider coming to Mount Carmel to learn about the most popular saint of the last century, Therese of Lisieux, more commonly known as The Little Flower. The Monastery of Mount Carmel welcomes bus groups to experience our grounds, celebrate mass in the historic main chapel, enjoy lunch in our main dining room, and to learn about the Little Flower and the Carmelite charism she lived. A Typical pilgrimage day schedule is as follows:

10:00 am Arrival

10:30 am Introduction and talk on the Carmelite Order

11:15 am Mass

12:00 pm Lunch

1:15 pm Talk on Therese

The above schedule can be adjusted, although the times for mass and lunch are not moveable. Please contact reservations at 905-356-4113 x4200 for pricing and availability. We do hope you consider coming to Mt. Carmel for a pilgrimage day. From the Hebrew, Carmel means “Garden of God.”


We truly hope that all of our visitors find Mt. Carmel to be that heavenly place that such a title as God’s garden evokes.

Investiture in the Scapular


Cost:  Free Will Offering

The most popular sacramental connected with the Carmelite Order is the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  For those who wish to commit themselves to Our Lady in the Order of Carmel, an investiture is one way to express one’s Marian devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in a more committed way.  The investiture can be done during mass or as a separate ritual.  (For more information on the investiture and the commitment required, please contact Fr. Chris at 905-356-4113 x4225).

Through the Looking Glass


Cost: Free Will Offering

Minimum Number: 3

Time: By Appointment (Contact Reservations desk at 905-356-4113  x4200 for availability)

 The stained-glass windows of the Main chapel are one of its most prominent and beautiful features.  In sixteen panels, the stories of Mary and Elijah are told through the visual medium of stained glass. 


This program will give the participant a deeper understanding of Carmelite spirituality as the background information of the Carmelite charism is used to explain the meaning of each image.  Please allow at least one hour for this event.

Labyrinth Walk


Cost: Free Will Offering

Minimum Number: 3

Time: By Appointment (Contact Reservations desk at 905-356-4113 x4200 for availability)


 The Labyrinth is an old prayer form which has become more popular in the past few decades.  Surprising to some, the Labyrinth was used in the early Catholic Church, going as far back as the 4th century.  If you wish to learn more about the history and the prayer form of walking a Labyrinth, then please schedule a Labyrinth walk at Mount Carmel.


Our Labyrinth is housed indoors, and we ask all participants to remove their shoes (or to bring clean, indoor shoes) in order to maintain the cleanliness of the Labyrinth.  Please allow 90 minutes minimum for any group labyrinth walk (which includes the orientation to the Labyrinth).


Cost: Free Will Offering

Minimum Number:  3

Time: By Appointment  (Contact Reservations desk at 905-356-4113 for availability)


     “IN DREAMS WILL I SPEAK TO HIM”  --Numbers 12:6

                The experience of God in dreams extends back millennia to the person of Joseph in the Old Testament as well as his counterpart of the same name in the New Testament.  The early Church Father Tertullian attests to the spiritual nature of our dreams and the ability to discern God’s will from them.

                This dream group experience will help all participants to grow spiritually from the reflection on the content of specific dreams.  The process and background are based on the work of Jeremey Taylor (1943-2018), whose writing on and work with dreams was extensive.

                After a session of orientation and discussion on the nature and process of working with dreams, the participants will experience the reflective process on a dream or two.  Allow two hours for this group process.

Lectio Divina Group

Cost:  Free Will Offering

Minimum Number:   3

Time:  By Appointment (Contact reservations at 905-356-4113 x4200 for availability)


Lectio Divina, or “Sacred Reading,” is a group form of praying with the scriptures.  If you are looking to expand your prayer life from rote prayers, then praying with the scriptures in Lectio Divina may be for you.  All you need is a prayerful desire to know God through God’s word as it speaks to you in this setting of a prayerful reading. 

The structured process of Lectio Divina helps you to enter more deeply into God’s word.  Within the group context, each participant will benefit from the reflections of the others in the group.  The process you will learn in Lectio Divina is a method you can use with your personal reading of the Bible, as well.  Please allow one hour for this experience.

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